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Fantastic news: you can book your vacation for 2025. Curious about the packages for 2025? Click on the link below. 

Due to expected crowds, it is only possible to book online. Periods longer than 3 weeks can only be booked by phone. Prices and availability will be shown on the website starting July 2 around 9 a.m.

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What a lovely time we had at De Kleine Wolf, again. We enjoyed our time with the kids and with grandma and grandpa. The unique concept of combining a lodge and mobile home is truly ideal. Our compliments for how quickly the sanitary facilities were cleaned. The owners can be seen around the camping and are very friendly. They radiate enthusiasm which is how you can tell that you're in a place where the staff members want to make sure you're having a good time...

Wesley en Cynthia
10 August 2021

I will always wholeheartedly recommend De Kleine Wolf. Why? Everything you need as a camper is provided to you. The sanitary facilities are always clean and are very modern. The animation activities is great for young and old. Everything you need can be found on the camping. They keep on innovating and this year they even added a new pumptrack, as well as the "Playa De Kleine Wolf".

Yvonne Wieringa
28 July 2022

I can summarise everything in one word: fantastic! There simply isn't anything better. Have you been to De Kleine Wolf? From then on, no other camping will be as fun, clean or great. I have come here for over 20 years. I had the time of my life here as a kid, and now our own children get to enjoy it too. Everything about this camping is great. Each year they invest in something new or improved. The Playa has really turned out beautifully with great spots all around. Still in doubt? Just go! You won't want anything else afterwards!

Esther V
22 July 2022