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PumpTrack at De Kleine Wolf

At Camping De Kleine Wolf in Stegeren is an asphalt PumpTrack. Next to the theater the PumpTrack has been placed, with a total area of no less than 1500 m2. The PumpTrack is has fun height differences and bends that make the course extra challenging. This unique track has a triple turn, which has not been seen anywhere else and has been given the name 'the crown'! By 'pumping' the bike to the ground at the end of each bump, considerable speeds can be achieved. This way, you can make endless laps that go faster and faster!

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De PumpTrack is leuk voor jong en oud



The PumpTrack offers fun for young and old

The asphalt PumpTrack is a big magnet and attracts all who enjoy sports and outdoor games. The PumpTrack at De Kleine Wolf has a Kidstrack of 43 meters (suitable for kids of up to 6 years old) and a full-fledged PumpTrack of 181 metres, making our track suitable for all ages and levels of difficulty. For example, a 2-year-old boy on a bike with training wheels, a 6-year-old girl on her scooter, and a 10-year-old kid on his BMX bike. Even adults can go around on a mountain bike. An asphalt PumpTrack is 'the playground of the future' for a reason. There is even a separate 'spectator platform' to view the skills of the participating sports fans.

Note: it is mandatory to wear protective gear. BMX bikes and helmets can be rented at the reception of De Kleine Wolf.

PumpTrack regels

Our game rules

The use of the PumpTrack is at your own risk, we do not consider ourselves liable for damage or injury. Emergency? Call 112.

The use of the PumpTrack is only permitted with suitable bicycles, inline skates, roller skates, scooters and skateboards.

The PumpTrack is suitable for adults and children. Children under 8 years are only allowed under parental supervision.

Wearing protective clothing such as knee, elbow and wrist protection is recommended on the PumpTrack. Wearing a helmet is mandatory.

The PumpTrack is only accessible from 09:00 AM until sunset, with the latest end time being 09:00 PM.

It is mandatory to follow the indicated direction of travel. Watch out for fellow users when entering and exiting the PumpTrack.

It is prohibited to drive through the red continuous line and to stop unnecessarily on the roadway.

Respect each other and give each other enough space. Spectators must stand at a safe distance.

Please note, the track can be slippery in rainy/winter conditions.