Animation activities at De Kleine Wolf

De Kleine Wolf is a family camping for all ages. Here, children can experience lots of animation activities and fun throughout the season. During the peak season and school holidays, we host activities for kids under 14 years old. During the low season, we host animation activities for toddlers and even seniors.

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Animatie voor het hele gezin

Animatie voor 0 - 4 jaar

Animatie voor 5 - 8 jaar


Animation for kids between 5 to 8 years old

For ages 5 to 8, we host various activities throughout the day. For example DrumTastic; a fun kids' drumming workshop! Or the bounce house festival, during which our sports field is filled with bouncy castles in which the kids can play all day. We also host several themed days, on which the children can immerse themselves in a story that can be solved by playing all kinds of games.

You can find more information in the App, or ask our friendly staff members about the details!

Animatie voor 8 - 12 jaar


Animation for kids between 8 to 12 years old

For ages 8 to 12, we offer various sports and activities throughout the day. In addition to our sports and games, the children can also participate in laser gaming and more. We also have great evening activities such as a bird show, a foam party and musicals!

View our animation programme in the App or ask our friendly staff members about the details!

Animatie voor 12+


Animation for 12+ years old

Are your children older than 12 years old? For this specific age group, we have at least 1 activity per day. Think of exciting ghost hunts, or the Silent Disco where they can listen to the best music with all their friends. We also have moonlight swimming, during which teenagers can swim in the dark for an hour with fun music! In addition to these great activities, we also have several exciting forest games in the evening, as well as lots of fantastic facilities to enjoy.



Colouring page

Let the fun begin early!

Colouring together is so fun, just like this colouring page will ensure hours of colouring fun. Grab your markers or colouring pencils and get to it, together! The longer you take to colour it in, the more beautiful the page will become. In the end, you'll be left with a beautiful piece of art!



De Kleine Wolf on Spotify

Sing along with Bob & Babet!

Do you like to listen to music with your child(ren)? Give us a follow on Spotify and have a listen to all of our (Dutch) songs!

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De Kleine Wolf is a family campsite for all ages, so there's plenty of entertainment throughout the season. During the high season and during school holidays there's entertainment for children up to 14 years. During the low season, our animation mainly has activities for seniors and toddlers.