Modern, luxurious sanitary facilities at De Kleine Wolf

There are three sanitary buildings spread over the campsite. All sanitary buildings have modern and luxury units which offer excellent privacy through the use of thick doors and walls that reach from the floor to the ceiling. Additionally, all sanitary buildings have underfloor heating and include facilities for toddlers and small children, family showers, baby rooms, and washing machines (the latter can only be found in the building at camping field Fazant).

Relax and enjoy
Jacuzzi with a starry sky
Lots of privacy




Receive two shower cards for free

Warm water for showers can be activated by shower cards

On arrival, you will receive two showercards, each worth €2,50 and offering 20 minutes of warm water. If needed, you can top up your shower card at the entrance of each sanitary building by using €1 or €2 coins, or at the reception desk for any desired amount. When leaving our campsite, you will need to return the shower card. Please note: try to make sure that by the time you leave, your remaining balance is zero, as any remaining balance cannot be returned.

By using shower cards, we help save water.