A day of splashing

Non-guests are also very welcome to come and splash in our lovely indoor and outdoor swimming pool for a day. Our pools are equipped with interactive play elements and spectacular water slides. Hours worrth of swimming fun is guaranteed! The swimming pool is only open during the camping season, from April to October. The outdoor pool is open from mid-May to mid-September, but only when weather conditions allow it.

Opening hours of day recreation
Enjoy a refreshing dive
Also for non-guests
Plenty of fun for young and old



Day recreation

Prices for day recreation

To gain access to the indoor play paradise and/or PumpTrack, you need to notify us of your visit at restaurant De Wolventuin. You will receive a wristband which you need to return to the catering industry at the end of the day.

  • Indoor play paradise | €5 per person
  • Swimming | €6 per person
  • Swimming & indoor play paradise | €10 per person
  • Pump track | €5 per person
  • Pump track & indoor play paradise | €10 per person
  • Swimming, indoor play paradise & pump track | €15 per person
  • Visit | €2.50 per person

Children of up to 2 years old are allowed free access to all facilities. Adults have free access to the indoor play paradise and PumpTrack. It is not allowed to consume your own food in De Wolventuin.