Intro - camping van het jaar 2022

Campsite of the Year 2024

Campsite De Kleine Wolf has been named 'Campsite of the Year 2024' by the ANWB as the finest family campsite in the Netherlands. The title 'Campsite of the Year 2024' was awarded by the ANWB on Friday, Jan. 12, at the PiNCAMP Gala in Stuttgart. De Kleine Wolf was also named Campsite of the Year in 2020 and 2022.

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Our ambition is to stay campsite of the year

Anne-Sophie and Peter Kamphuis of Campsite De Kleine Wolf are very proud and honored that their campsite has won. "Together with our team and our guests we make the campsite. We continue to invest in the wishes of our guests, that is our strength and staying at the top is our ambition."




Rainfall of prizes at De Kleine Wolf

Besides the honorable title "Campsite of the Year 2024," De Kleine Wolf also carries the following titles, ANWB Recognized Top Camping with 5 stars, ADAC Superplatz and the second best campsite in Europe on an international level. For 60 years, De Kleine Wolf has been a household name in the recreation world, a family business that offers extraordinary experiences and excels in facilities and hospitality.

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Would you like to celebrate your vacation at Camping of the Year 2024? Then quickly book your stay at De Kleine Wolf. Do you have questions about all the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us.