Sports and activities for all ages at our campsite!

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Playground - Icon - Jungle

Playground - Icon - Jungle

All camping grounds have been fitted with play equipment, such as sand boxes, see-saws, swings, slides and climbing frames.

Kids can enjoy the ICON and avid clamberers can enjoy the adventure jungle.

With so many playgrounds around, you’ll be able to sit back in your tent and watch the kids play: a book in one hand, a glass of wine in the other. Our park means relaxation for kids and parents alike. 

The ICON is an interactive climbing frame that turns gaming into movement.

The ICON allows interactive gaming without a screen – a unique product currently only available at De Kleine Wolf. Players use physical actions (climbing, sliding and balancing) and strategy to play their selected game. The game is designed to encourage interaction between players – and what can be more fun than gaming as a team?

The adventure jungle is perfect for kids who like nothing better than to climb things and swing around on ropes. 

Multifunctioneel sportveld
Multifunctioneel sportveld